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Accelerating incoming document workflows in any industry from day 1

Yes, show me how!

F*ck you! We use EDI

Accelerating incoming document workflows in any industry from day 1

Yes, show me how!

F*ck you! We use EDI

Yes, show me how!

F*ck you! We use EDI

Accelerating incoming document workflows in any industry from day 1

Yes, show me how!

***** you! We use EDI

Immediate time savings without historical data

Bäck AI accelerates your document workflow from day 1, reducing the valuable time that is currently spent on manual data input. With no templates required and continual learning over time from user feedback, Bäck AI can begin extracting and start validating your data straightaway.

Matches with your master data

Data extracted from your documents is matched, mapped and validated against your master data. With multi-system compatibility, Bäck AI ensures that your customers’ and partners’ data is handled correctly – ensuring a happy flow and happy customers.

Intelligent validation saves money

Finding errors that look right to the eye but not right for your business, Bäck AI’s intelligent validation means business specific anomaly detection is available at your fingertips, avoiding costly mistakes and saving you time and money.

Integrates with your existing workflows

Bäck AI can funnel your incoming data regardless of its source and deliver it to wherever it needs to go. Whether the data should end up in your ERP system, be sent via email or into another channel, with both front-end and back-end integrations available, Bäck AI has got you covered.


Handing control over to AI might seem scary, but there’s no need to worry! We have added a human-in-the-loop option, giving you the power to always validate Bäck’s work and to help out in those situations where the AI model

needs a helping hand. In short, Bäck AI will do the heavy lifting, under your supervision - freeing you up to focus on more pressing matters (such as enjoying nice conversations with your customers). 

Why AI? 

The concept of artificial intelligence has been around since 1956, so it is not as new as you might think. AI are machines (i.e. software run on computers) that can mimic cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving.

You are probably already using AI-powered services today in your day-to-day life: Netflix helps you recommend the next series to watch, Google and Apple voice services help you to do tasks and answer questions and self-driving cars (take the Tesla cars as a good example) help you get from A to B. All are powered by different types of AI. The main reason for choosing AI to power Bäck is because it learns over time and it means that there are no templates (which is necessary when doing classic OCR) that need to be updated every time there is a small change in the incoming documents. 

Industry 4.0? 

With the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, there is plenty of talk of IoT, digitalisation and automation focused on the improvement of manufacturing.
What is often forgotten is that it is equally important to digitalise and

automate the processes at the office. Otherwise, how will you have proper time for coffee and chats with your colleagues? A parable would be to focus only on the engine when renovating a car and leaving the body of the car in a sorry state, resulting in the total delivery becoming a mess. Bäck AI can help you with your office workflows, ensuring that your office runs as smoothly as your manufacturing processes. 



Life is too short for repetitive tasks, let Bäck AI help you!

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