by Meta Bytes


What is Bäck AI and what can it do for my business?

Bäck AI is an AI-driven, cloud-based document solution that’s here to save your business time and money. In short – using AI models that learn from user feedback and without requiring any templates, Bäck enables your business to automate your document

handling workflow. What this means in practice is that Bäck AI takes your incoming documents, extracts data from them, maps and validates the data against your master data and sends the data to where you need it to be.

AI sounds great, but can I  trust it with my documents?

We get it, handing control over to AI might seem scary! That’s why Bäck AI offers a human-in-the-loop option in the Bäck web interface at every step, meaning you can have as much (or little!) oversight and control as you would like over your documents and data.

As part of onboarding, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs – whether that means having complete supervision over every step of the process, automating the whole process or something in between.

We are already automating our production lines - why should we invest in Bäck AI?

It’s a great start to automate other aspects of your business but just automating your production, without looking at your office processes is a bit like repairing a car but only fixing the engine and not the rest of the car.

The hum of the nicely running engine might be soothing, but sitting in a broken seat with a cracked windshield? Not so much. Bäck AI can help you accelerate your office productivity and free up your employees’ time to focus on more value-generating tasks.

Who created Bäck AI?

Bäck AI is a product of Meta Bytes, a tech company based in southern Sweden delivering amazing tech with damn good business impact (and a few bad jokes along the way). Bäck was born out of seeing our customers coming back again and again with the same problem - key staff spending

too much time manually entering and/or moving data between systems. Luckily, we’re great at product development and used our own experience and expertise to develop Bäck AI.

Does Bäck AI integrate with other systems?

Absolutely! Bäck AI offers both front-end and back-end integrations with your systems. What this means in practice is that Bäck AI can fit seamlessly into any current system set-up – you don’t need to upgrade or switch out any of the systems your business relies on. Instead,

we’ll work with you to ensure that your incoming documents are funnelled to Bäck AI regardless of where they come from and that Bäck delivers your data to where it needs to go.

We've got problems with some of our other processes – can you help?

Definitely! While Bäck AI is for incoming document workflows, we at Meta Bytes have lots of experience in helping companies optimize, digitalize and streamline processes across their business. We love a challenge and

would love to get in touch to discuss how we can help your business. Check out our website for more information on how we can help and let’s get to work!